Archives refer to the presence of a Frankish tribe, which arrived around 570 A.D. The phrase «Ad Francos» is attested in a literary work dated 1004. Over the course of history, many families have lived within these walls.

In the 14th century, the de Segur family began the construction of the chateau and even adopted the name of the site’s founders by changing its own name to Segur des Francs.

After them, the families that settled here, each contributed to the evolution of Château Ad Francos’ architectural make-up. The d’Isle de Lalande family then the Prieurs undertook major works, building the west wing and octagonal tower, which endowed the chateau with its distinctive style.

Then in the 17th and 18th centuries, the de Gaufreteau and de Chalon families took it upon themselves to finish the work of their predecessors. They left to posterity some rare architectural pieces, such as a spiral staircase, 4.5 metres in diameter that is one of the finest in the region, and a gothic fireplace, which has been returned to its former splendour and gives the reception hall its magnificent grandeur.

Today, this is where prestigious concerts are organised in the fine weather. The recent concert by Cristina Ortiz especially woke up the sleeping beauty that was Château Ad Francos.



Because of their passion for old stone buildings Viviane and André Vossen became interested in Château Ad Francos, which was derelict. Bringing this enormous mansion back to life was a real gamble, because everything had to be restored.

Their goal is to renovate the chateau and make it into a home, while closely taking into account the place’s prestigious history. All available knowledge about the site was collated and further historical research was carried out, which notably led to the discovery of its impressive underground galleries.

The famous oenologist, Michel Rolland’s personal knowledge was also tapped, since his family lived here for nearly two centuries.