Château Ad Francos benefits from a rarely used winemaking method: the small amount of fruit harvested makes it possible to carry out fermentation in new barrels. This is a very demanding technique, which requires a lot of manipulation of the casks and even dismantling them for juice extraction. It produces more concentrated wines. The wine is then aged in its barrels for 12 months.

To make Château Le Priolat, a latest generation stainless steel vathouse with temperature regulation has been installed in the old cellars. The harvest is gravity-fed into the tanks, thoroughly respecting the expression of the fruit. Then, the wines are aged in new, 1-year- and 2-year-old barrels in varying proportions.

Out of the whole harvest, Château Ad Francos represents an average annual production of 6,000 bottles. The vines whose fruit it is made from are 40 years old on average and give a yield of 38 hectolitres per hectare at a density of 5,000 vines per hectare.




Perfectly aware of the wine growing potential here, Michel Rolland encouraged the new owners in their decision to create a Great Wine here, which he would make.

The wine’s name was of course chosen in memory of the original settlers and the famous exclamation «Ad Francos!» can now be heard here again.